A sunday in the village

Antone : - O Lucì, what time is it?
Lucia : - 10h and we don’t hear a sound!
Ghjuvan Paulu : - Like a Sunday in the village, peace, and rest...
Ziu Simone : - Sundays in the village are not like other days. People from the city are coming up…
Vincenzu Mariotti : - Look ! Who are all of these youngsters ?
Antone : - Hello, uncle. This one is Ghjuvan Paulu. He is ending his medical studies, like myself
Ziu Simone : - What happened? The ill people let you go, today?
Antone : - Yes, on Sundays. They are healthy because the sun is shining. What about here ? everything’s okay ?
Vincenzu Mariotti : - Tooth ache...
Ziu Simone : - Stomach ache...
Vincenzu Mariotti : - Headache, but well we’re not complaining !
Ghjuvan Paulu : - Yes, aches and pains everywhere, but you’re not complaining!
Antone : - You see, the whole village is suffering, but with a smile on its face. Years bring all their pains, but years also make wise people and philosophers out of them. Uncle, let me introduce to you my colleagues and friends. All of them are doctors!
Ziu Simone : - All of them ! Oh well !
Lucia : - Good afternoon Uncle. I am Chjara Marietti.
Vincenzu Mariotti : - Good afternoon,  miss. Marietti, Mariotti we are almost relatives !
Ghjuvan Paulu : - Hello! My name is Ghjuvan Paulu.
Ziu Simone : - Oh young man, please to meet you, but in the village there is nothing to do.
Ghjuvan Paulu : - Nothing ?! River, fishing and trouts cooked on the stone ! It is so mouth watering
Antone : - Nothing ? ! Maquis, mountains and boars in every corners!
Lucia : - They are like that. The only think about food!
Ziu Simone : - Children, in the countryside it’s almost night time at 11h a.m.. It’s too late to go hunting !
Vincenzu Mariotti : - For fishing too. The one who sleeps doesn’t get the fish "
Lucia : - What can we do ? a lovely walk...