In Pisa

Letizia : Listen to this ! They’re talking about it on the guide book. They call it “the leaning tower”
Marcella : There’s no need to read it in books, just a glance and you can see it
Maria : (ironic) You can see right away that it’s leaning, since you get an immediate torticollis !
Marcella : This is why they’re all walking with a twisted neck !
Letizia : Could you stop it ? Do you know that it’s among the wonders of the world ? It’s completely made out of white marble. This place, what a wonder ! A miracle ! It has the right name : « Piazza di i Miraculi ».
Maria : « Piazza dei Miracoli », as they say in Italian
Marcella : « Piazza dei Miracoli » « Piazza di i Miraculi ». I don’t know what you think about it. But the more (it goes) I think about it, the more I feel like Italian and Corsican are almost the same.