Expressions. At the hotel

Marcella: Hello ! Do you a room with three beds available ?
Receptionist: Hello ! let me check…Yes, I have one ! How many nights 
Marcella: Four. Is the breakfast included in the price ?
Receptionist Yes, and the television is also included .
Maria: Okay ! can we leave the suitcases in the bedroom ?
Receptionist: You can immediatly! Here are the keys. Room number two.
Letizia: Thank you! 
Receptionist Do you want to use the elevator to go down ? There it is, to your left 
Letizia è Maria : Thank you. See you later!
Receptionist See you, see you…

Choose the right answer

Ci sò sbalgi. sbalgiu.
Pruvate la dinù clicchendu quì sottu.
Bravu, hè tuttu ghjustu!
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