Friends from Calvi

Marcella : Everytime I come to Calvi, I want to live here
Petru: It’s true that this place is a wonder. The Balagna in its whole is so. All of its pièves are close to the see, but stuck to the mountains
Antonu : My great grandfather was a shepherd in the Niolu. In our family, they say that He spent half of the year in the Falasorma in Balagna.
Letizia (teasing): It’s probably because he used to come on holiday for a swim baigner !
Marcella : Seriously, people from Calvi and Balagne have always been more sailor than shepherd.
Letizia: I often think about Christophe Colomb. Didn’t he leave from here ?
Marcella : It’s not sure. They say he’s from Gene.
Maria : I know someone from Majorque. She learnt at school that he was Catalan
Antonu : If it’s so, then why Colomb wouldn’t have left from Sartè ?