L'alta strada

Lucie : - Who wants some coffee ?
Jean-Paul : - I don’t drink any coffee myself, so I’m not bringing it.
Lucie : - Aren’t we supposed to be a team ? We have to share provisions and stuff
Jean-Paul : - Of course, but we’d better be light
Lucie : - Well this is clever ! How much days do we need to do the trekking ?
Françoise : - I’d say fifteen days if you’re used to walk on the mountains
L’oncle Simon : - Slowly children ! Moutains are not easy. It goes up and down
Jean-Paul :- Even more « l’Alta Strada ». It’s the most difficult trekking in Europe
L’oncle Simon : - The most difficult but also the most beautiful, i’m sure of it. It’s a shame that I’m not younger.
Lucie : - Come on Simon, young or old, does it even matter ? You’re well prepared  alerte !
Pierre Marie : - From here to the Monte Cintu how many kilometers?
Lucie : - In moutains, you don’t count the kilometers but the hours.
Pierre Marie : - Lucy, I like what you say ! with you, I could go to the top of the Annapurna !
Françoise : - It’s great but meanwhile, can we go to the way ? the others are waiting for us there
Jean-Paul : - what time should we leave ?