Fire in the village

Vincent Mariotti : - Well, we were just on time !
Uncle Simon : - Never have we seen such a fire in the village, in 40 years !
Lucie : - It started from under the houses, and in 30 min it went through the village and back to the mountain
Pierre Marie : - Thankfully it only came quickly! It only went along the houses
Lucie : - We still have been really afraid !
Pierre Marie : - That wind ! it’s because of that wind ! It begins to blow and then nothing can stop it
Uncle Simon : - It stills that same issue. We live in a village inside the maquis…
Vincent Mariotti : We take care about things when the fire starts, but then we don’t hear anyhing more
Uncle Simon : - What else can you do ? It’s no more the time to argue, but to act !
Vincent Mariotti : - And to punish. People are tired of shaking every summer
Françoise : - It’s not only about arresting firebugs. It’s a long time action to take. It takes some time, means, and human resources
Jean-Paul : - Little by little, we understand better what fire can do…..In school, teachers pass the information on
Lucie : - The time will come when it would be not as often as now. It would be only from accidents
Jean-Paul : - Everything’s linked, the fire doesn’t start in clean places.
Uncle Simon : - Back in time, villages were crowded and there were still fires
Jean-Paul : - Yes, but it’s not the same. They were accidental fires. Accidents, like lucie said
Lucie : - Fire’s not a fatality. It’s the economic situation’s consequence.
Jean : - In sardegna, in Mediterranean islands, fire’s a preoccupation
Jean-Paul : - Those are all poor places, under the pressure of profit and easy money …
Jean : - Without big efforts
Lucie : - Fire’s a problem, but we can solve it