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Capu Falu inglese

 We always consider it a big pleasure when our walk takes us to the Niolu. This place is always slightly aside other places, protected, and has so many treasures.  

Our goal today is something that one needs to deserve : On the highest summits of Corsica, Falu is at the 10th place with its 2540 meters high. Most of its climb is out of the path and it is quite steep. 

This place is also home to mouflons, and we enjoy meeting so many mummies with their little mouflons.  We were then directed to the path and towards the highest summit. 

Soon we saw the strange shape of Paglia Orba, and the ridge’s great barrier. We climb on many floors, then we first arrive at a sheepfold, and then, among the larches, we catch a glimpse of the Tilarba sheepfolds. This is where a fountain stream allows us to take a break to refresh ourselves.

Now, the serious stuff begins. We need to wait before we can reach the Cap bottom, towards l’Inzecca and its 2299 meters high (I know we could make an effort !....)  Ah! We can’t resist so we climb at the very top, where we will be able to enjoy a view on all the way we already walked, but also on the way we still have to walk.

We are just on time to jump down from the summit, and here we are, walking on the long rocky way, rocks that are about to grow to become bigger petrels. It seems that we are done struggling now, but then we realize that we are just in the ante-summit and that the proper one is a little bit further away . To keep our patience going and to forgive ourselves, Falu brings us flowers from few Paoli’s erigons which are unusual and endemic.  

Here is also the highest cairn : Our look comes and goes from A Punta Minuta over to the golfe de Calvi, and also from Punta Crucetta over to la Bocca. That one shows how it goes down towards the shelter d'U Tighjettu that we can catch a glimpse on, a bit further away from us. We can see just in front of us the highest step of the GR20, marked by ‘la punta di e petrichicce” and Cintu. From that place, the walkers seems to be some busy ants and from here we can hear their voice echoing. The lake Cintu stares from above with its deep blue look. This walk is to dream for.