On the phone

Laetitia : What is Marcella doing?
Marie : She’s on the phone!
Laetitia : Is she still ? it’s been more than an hour now !
Marie : She’s talking with Petru.
Laetitia : Ah those two, they can’t do without each other ! She already called him yesterday
Marie : Why would you mind it ? They have things to say to each other, that’s it…
Laetitia : Ah ! you can say it, but then we’re going to be late for the show!
Marie : Calm down, calm down. It’s 6 o’clock now and the theatre’s doors only open at 9
Laetitia : Three hours to go 500 meters away, or one kilometer at the further ! We can do it (=I believe it..)
Marie : Yes, but we’re not in Bastia, neither are we in Ajaccio. Here in Nice, there is a lot of people (= people are not missing)
Laetitia : Ah! This is for sure. I read on Youtube that they have sold 3 000 tickets for the concert!
Marie : They even thought about making it in a stadium, and then, at the last minute, they didn’t do it