Sweet Ciucciarella

Cantata da Fabienne Marcangeli


musica :tradiziunale

Parolle : Fabienne Marcangeli, Francis BerettiArregistramentu: William Chabbey

Teaser youtube : https://youtu.be/wxvwzugDOnI

Hush little baby

you don't know what love is

Beautiful baby

gold jewels on your sleeves

Sweet and sweety sugar baby

dad is gone, he will be back


what a long and lonely night

dad is gone, he will be back


how I love you little honey

what a long and lonely night


I want to walk up

an' go up on the ills

goats on the mountains

wild does and little sheeps

standing there, there are three rabbits

Run and catch them if you can


Soon in the morning

working under the moon

gone is your brother

the boy has gone to school

all alone with you my baby (little) (sweety)

you're my little bunch of love


Two eggs I found there

nestling a brooding bird....

whisper 's a white dove

Dove's (her) song three times I 've heard

Rock a bye my little birdy

soon a sweet dawn will arise


Blow, roar and whistle

wild winter windy fool

I spined the linen

and then I card the wool

once I trimmed a gold laced mantle

let it be a (your)fairy gown

Fai la ninna fai la nanna

u to babbu è a la campagna