Families and parents. Listen to the dialogue

Love’s attraction
1 : O Pè, is Maria a beautiful girl ?
2 : No, I don’t really like her.
3 : But for my part, I really do !

1 : We are a really big family
2 : So are we, I have relatives here, in the continent, in Italy, and also in America. Ancu noi, parenti ne aghju quì, in Cuntinente, in Italia è ancu in America.
3 : When it comes to my family, I also have relatives in Germany and in England

1 : Back in time, your parents would choose your husband !
2 : Be quiet ! It’s better nowadays.
3 : It’s true ! Wedding and maccaroni, if it’s not well prepared, then it’s not good !

1 : Are you going to the funeral ?
2 : Andria, the shepherd. He was 80.
3 : Another one passed away… He’s taking away a piece of our culture with him.

In the village
1 : We feel good in town as well as in the village.
2 : I don’t, I feel bored in the village.
3 : I absolutely don’t. In the village, we have all of our memories
4 : We are from the seaside. Our village is the town !

1 : People from the continent don’t understand us
2 : They don’t know the exile like we do.
3 : You’re overreacting ! We are not exile people just because we left Corsica !
4 : An islander who leaves his island is going for a exile !