Bonifaziu è Capu di Fenu

Le phare de Feno

Le phare de Feno

There is a path, ruled by the maquis, very close from Bonifacio. At the edge of it, we reach heavenly coves… We go from l’Ermitage de la Trinite, 200 meters high. There is an amazing view from there. First of all, a view of Bonifacio and its cliffs, but also views of Sardegna, very close from there.  

U chjassu di u pidone di Girulata

Who has never heard of this bay and its small village that can be reached only on foot or with a boat ? Here is how you can access it…

U stagnu di Diana

La Plaine orientale. This unbelievable place offers a walk that is as authentic as wild.  

Afà è monti Gozzi

A few kilometers from Ajaccio, there is an astonishing giant that makes everyone speechless. 

This giant is called “Rocher des Gozzi” or “Mont Gozzi”. It stands above Afa village and its surroundings. It is like a huge rock that seeks its independance, as it stands away from the mountain, and has an ocher color and no green areas around. 


Vizzavona offers multiple walks. Among them, there is La Punta di l’Oriente, 2112 meters high. 

Sporty walks fans are happy to climb it, each season of the year. It doesn’t matter if they have to wear walking shoes or snowshoes ! 

Da sopra à e calanche

Let’s admire Porto’s bay and Scandula on the northern side, until Capo Rosso in the west side, while we are going through an extraordinary path. 

A petra ellerata

A curious stone stands there, overlooking Bastia and St Florent’s bay…

A Serra di u Pignu, on the highs of Bastia, offers a breathtaking view over the two sides of Corsica. This place is also the starting point of many ridges walks, whether they are sporty or easy

A madonna di a sarra accura à Calvi da sopra

This gateaway is a very easy and short walk that offers a vertiginous panorama.

Not too far from the peninsula La Revellata, we can find one of the three chapels from the city Calvi :  Notre-Dame-de-la-Serra.

It protects the city of Calvi since the XVth century. It stands on the hill that has given it its name. 

Monti Alcudina

The « anvil », as they call it in English. 2134 meters high, it is the last high summit in the southern part of this island moutains. The Mont Alcudina is located between the Cuscionu and the Aiguilles de Bavella, in southern corsica. 

We start from the sheepfolds of Matalza. The path that meets the ridge goes through a small river (beware, the small river gets bigger, depending on the time of the year)

Paisoli in Siscu

Siscu is a region located in the Cap Corse, which is made of many little hamlets. None of them are named Siscu. It is surrounded by mountains that are the limits of a valley. We would assume that Siscu is the name of the valley.